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Kotter’s 8-Step Model for Change
Every IT leader should know about Kotter’s 8-Step Model for leading and implementing change! Leading Change is recognized as one of the all-time best business books and the definitive work on the subject. Harvard Business School Professor John P. Kotter methodically and carefully explains his 8-step process for leading and managing major organizational change in an easy to understand fashion. Leading Change captures his wealth of knowledge and experience working with major companies all over the world. Professor Kotter takes concepts like leadership, urgency, vision, strategy, quick wins, and communication and puts them in well-explained, practical terms that anyone can follow. If you're currently leading any aspect of a change (and today it’s an ongoing occurrence!), understanding Kotter’s 8-step change model is a must-know, and this is a not-to-be-missed session.
416 MB
The Yellow Brick Road & The Effective Organizational Change Manager
We have all heard it said that “The only constant in life is change”, however most organizations rely on tribal knowledge, past experience and ad-hoc strategies to manage the complicated issues related to people change. Many of us have been part of failed projects which have lost their way to the Emerald City, been carried off by the flying monkeys of unforeseen cultural issues or have simply lacked the resources to make it to the journey’s end. One thing we can all agree on is that “Change. Is. Hard.” The GOOD NEWS is that Organizational Change Management is a growing discipline. And, there is a plethora of research, academic papers, books, methodologies, models, and tools that support the profession. So, where do you begin? This informative thought leadership session, will provide you with an overview of the CMBoK’s 13 critical knowledge areas, the related professional certification levels and how the methods and techniques covered by the CMBok can help you manage successful projects and transformation initiatives.
69 MB
5 Tips for Cementing Organizational Change
You’ve put your staff through certification. You’ve implemented new processes. You’ve purchased and implemented new tools. BUT, you’re not seeing the results you were after. One reason could be that not enough attention has been placed on formally “cementing” or “freezing” change in your organization.
341 MB
2. High Level Design Template
Provides a High Level view of the organization's process, declares process policies, and includes touch points with other Service Management Processes identifying process inputs and outputs that are necessary for successful operations. Based on ITIL 2011 edition.
294 KB
1. Overview Template
Provides a general overview of the organization's process in terms of its goals and objectives, scope, benefits, key terms and roles and responsibilities.
249 KB
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